February 26, 2017 -- It's hard to believe it myself, but it has been roughly 7 1/2 years since my last update of USFL.info.  For that, I apologize.

USFL.info sadly remains an unfinished work, as other projects have placed further updates on an indefinite hold.  Hopefully the information you find here presently, however, proves informative and educational.  And hopefully, it demonstrates why those of us old enough to remember the USFL hold it in such high regard.

Thank you for visiting the site.  I invite you to reach out to me if you have any comments or questions.  Enjoy!

-- D.P. McIntire

USFL.INFO was launched on May 11, 2007, the 25th anniversary of the press conference at "21" in New York City announcing the launch of the United Statse Football League.

USFL.INFO strives to be the most comprehensive site ever to chronicle the league that launched professional football in the springtime.  The goals for USFL.INFO are simple and straight-forward:

To analyze the USFL as a business venture, studying where it went wrong, and speculating how it could've gone right.

To collect and share first-hand accounts of those involved in the league, from team owners and coaches, players, cheerleaders, hot dog vendors - anyone involved with the USFL during its run.

To give exclusive access to confidential and previously unseen information and documents that had been thought lost to history.

With these goals in mind, USFL.INFO will forever be a "work in progress" - never complete - until everything there is to record about the USFL, both on and off the field, has been recorded and disseminated.  USFL.INFO is a collaborative work:  I'm always eager to add information to the site presented by others - first hand accounts, commentaries, game reports, anything that helps chronicle the league's history.

I encourage you to contact me should you have something you think worthy to contribute to USFL.INFO, or just to say hello and give your thoughts on how we can make the site the best it can be!

D.P. McIntire
USFL.INFO Site Coordinator
Back in July 2008, USFL.INFO was privileged enough to receive confirmation from a reliable, inside source of something that was suspected but previously never admitted - that the  1984 USFL Draft order was purposely fixed to facilitate the Pittsburgh Maulers selection of Nebraska Heisman Trophy-winning RB Mike Rozier.

The Maulers, who would play their only season in '84, were awarded the #1 pick by USFL Director of Operations Peter Hadhazy, not due to a lottery (which had reportedly been conducted among the league's six expansion franchises), but solely due to negotiations that were already taking place between the team and Rozier.

In an e-mail conversation with a high ranking official from one of the teams involved, USFL.INFO received confirmation on many had long been suspected:  "Peter assigned the pick without a coin flip or lottery of any kind," betting that the team would be successful in signing Rozier.  Hadhazy died in 2006 before USFL.INFO's launch, making his skullduggery hard to conclusively prove - until now.

The Maulers would go on to sign Rozier, in the process providing him with the largest signing bonus in pro football history to that time - $1 million.  Just a year later however the Maulers would be history - and Rozier would be in Jacksonville with the Bulls.

USFL.INFO has collected a treasure trove of information and documents related to the business end of the USFL - from the league's Constitution, Bylaws and operating regulations to the expansion applications of most of the 1984 expansion teams... but one item has eluded us thus far, and we're putting out an APB for it here.

At some point during their existence, the Jacksonville Bulls attempted to "go public" by selling stock in the football club.  We've learned scant details about the offering aside from the fact that it was wildly unsuccessful (by our reports only 700 shares were ever sold to the public), but a Prospectus on the stock was distributed to the public - and if you have a copy of it, or of a Bulls' stock certificate, we'd like you to contact us.

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